Sylvia Browne in Halifax – My Impressions

I had the opportunity to attend the Sylvia Browne – The Other Side and Back lecture on Sundays and thought I’d share a few impressions and thoughts from my experience.

A caveat or two: I’m not overly familiar with Sylvia’s work, beyond my general exposure to her books through the store, a few online videos and such. I’m generally familiar with the ideas behind her work and certainly with her great popularity in the psychic world. So, I went as a bit of a clean slate, ready to experience and learn.

Sylvia’s talk was a mixture of information, personal anecdotes, wry commentary and, of course and perhaps most anticipated by the audience, mini readings for randomly picked people. Her commentary ranged through a discussion of the signs that one might be a mystic traveller, to her belief that 2012 is not the date to worry about (rather, that we have 95 years left for life on earth), to a guided meditation that surrounded the audience with successive layers of healing light. As a Gnostic Christian, she uses terminology rooted in that belief system to explain the energies and entities of the Other Side, but notably includes the ideas of both a Father and Mother God.

I experienced her as a woman who has been there, done that and written the book to prove it. She’s clearly well established in her field and has the freedom to speak her mind as she wishes, often expressing her opinions with an uncompromising vehemence you wouldn’t necessarily expect.

The audience was clearly familiar with her work and fond of her style of presentation, laughing and applauding generously. I could clearly see that for those who follow her teaching, this was a truly special opportunity to hear a beloved visionary speak in person. My purely unscientific eaves-dropping on the crowd as we all departed told me that many were deeply moved and inspired by the talk.

I was surprised by the large number of mini-readings she offered. The rapid fire Q&A allowed many to ask Sylvia for psychic guidance or confirmation that departed loved ones were safe and well on the Other Side.

I (as a Sylvia Browne newbie) feel that this is the strength of her work. She gives the family and friends of the departed comfort and reassurance that death is not the end and that the loving connections we feel in life survive after the death of the physical form. Clearly, knowing that loved ones watch over us is a valuable key to healing from loss and grief.

So, what did YOU think of the Sylvia Browne event? Are you a newbie like me or a long time enthusiast? I’d love to hear other thoughts and impressions! Especially if you were one of the lucky ones selected for a reading – did you connect with the information?


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3 responses to “Sylvia Browne in Halifax – My Impressions

  1. Mark

    Sylvia Browne is a proven charletan who preys on peoples’ grief. Do some research before you publish things like this that may result in more victims being sucked in by this con artist.
    Check out

    • Mark – While I’m approving this post in the interest of free expression, I hope you’ll agree that everyone’s permitted to have their own ideas and opinions. I was posting mine and encourage others who were at the event to share their opinions too.

      • Guy

        I think it’s not only great for people to have their own opinions but important as well. The only problem I have is when people are sucked in as I believe they are being with Sylvia Browne and every other psychic I have ever seen. I’m always open to the idea of psychics existing but I find it very strange that there is NO readily available footage of ANY psychic, famous or not, doing anything other than cold reading and Barnum statements yet there is massive amounts of footage of psychics being debunked and getting things just plain wrong. Sylvia Browne being the obvious, glaring example.

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